Blair Witch

Before I went to see Blair Witch, someone had told me that they saw it opening night and witnessed 7 people leave the theater because it was too scary. With this expectation, I was ready for a good horror film. For starters, the film is documentary based. It is about a young adult, James, whose sister had gone missing while making a documentary in the woods. James and his friends venture out into the same woods in hopes to find out what really happened to his sister. Immediately the acting was laughable, the cinematography made me  dizzy, and it took forever for something scary to happen. They also killed off the only two African-Americans in the film first. Come on now, this is 2016. It is time to go against the typical cookie cutter horror movie and actually scare us. The only “scary” thing going for it was the fact that they would just throw in some random pop out moments that would put me on edge for a second. Ultimately, I am not sure if those 7 people left from fear or just plain dislike.


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