Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I feel slightly bad that I didn’t read this book before seeing the movie.  But here’s the plus of that; I didn’t have any expectations on what it should be.  I wasn’t mad that something in the movie was different from the book because I just hadn’t read it yet.

But now I want to read the book.

And that should tell you something about how enjoyable this movie was.

This movie kept me enraptured during the whole thing.  It was strange, it was new, it was entertaining, it was peculiar.  (LOL a little pun for you!)

The one thing that I was skeptical about before going to see the movie was it’s director, Tim Burton.  To me, Tim Burton’s movies are either a hit or a miss.  This was a hit.  You don’t even have to be a fan of Tim Burton to like this movie.  (I wasn’t, and I still loved it!)  The only really Tim Burton-y scene was the skeleton war.  (Yeah, that was amusing.)  Otherwise, it was just a really good film.

The main actress, Eva Green, was phenomenal, and was definitely the best part of the movie.  It was fascinating with it’s use of time cycles. There was also a cute little love story in there too!

I’d put this on your to-go-see list ASAP!


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